8 Reasons Human Rights Are Important

Human Rights

The good news is, that people are getting more aware of their human rights. United Nations presented the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, and with the help of the internet, people are getting more aware of their basic human rights. Here are the reasons why human rights are important and why everyone should know about them.

Basic needs

Understanding human rights will make it easier for people to access their basic needs. They can openly demand the necessities they deserve without losing their dignity. These needs include medicine, food, water, shelter, and clothes. Unfortunately, a major part of the population is not aware of their necessities.


Human rights were declared around the world after the holocaust and world war two. At that time, the Jewish population was the most vulnerable and needed protection. Even today, there are minorities like LGBT and people with disabilities that get protection from the abuse of powerholders.

Human Rights

No corruption

Although we can not eliminate corruption completely from society, people get to raise voices against the corrupted people that are holding higher authority. Human rights empower people to ask for the truth and also their dignity to work with the government or any work environment.

Freedom of speech

People who are aware of their human rights are less afraid to raise their voices against the issues that are bothering them. Those who are not aware of their freedom of speech and expression choose to remain mute under the fear that they are not safe. There are activists that help people raise their voices and question government actions without feeling vulnerable.

Human Rights

Freedom of religion

Human rights also encourage people to pick their own religion despite what society wants them to follow. The government protects people from the groups that practise violence in the name of religion. Human rights acknowledge everyone’s religion and spiritual beliefs equally and let them stay in peace. Freedom to be an atheist is also a human right.

Human Rights


Human rights also allow people to choose the people they love. They cannot be forced into marriage or come into a relationship by force or any form of prostitution as frequently displayed by the hookers in Thailand.

Awareness of human rights is important for the LGBT communities that are oppressed and abused to choose their partners differently and sometimes forced into marriages they do not want.

Equal work opportunities

Everyone is free to choose what they want to do professionally. It allows people to flourish in society. Sometimes the work environment can be biased, and people may suffer abuse or lack of opportunities. Human rights become a guide for people to demand better treatment and equality in workspaces.

Human Rights


Every single human on the planet has the right to pursue an education. The government provides the right educational facilities, faculty, and other necessities to educate the youth. Sometimes people stop their children from getting the right education due to many reasons. Everyone can get a free education by asking for it, and the ones who force children into labor can be prosecuted for their actions.

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