Know About The Gender Identity Movement

Gender Identity

What is gender identity?

Gender identity is referred to as a personal sense of an individual’s gender. Gender identity can either be the assigned sex at birth or differ from the same concept. Though gender identity cannot be recognized by gender expression, it is argued that gender identity will be formed after 3. Also, it is said that the children can make firm decisions regarding their gender. There are several unique gender identities: male, female, gender-neutral, non-binary, transgender, two-spirit, genderqueer, third gender, agender, pangender, and none, all or a combination of any of these.

Why gender identity movement?

The transgender rights movement, which comes under the category of gender identity movement, was brought into force to promote the rights of the transgender community and to curb violence and discrimination against them regarding public accommodations, housing, employment, health care, etc. Also, the movement seeks the particular state or government to allow changes regarding gender identity in identification documents irrespective of sex reassignment surgery. However, LGBTQ+ rights have also asked for gender identity rights.
Issues of concern related to gender identity rights

Gender Identity


It is observed that people are not provided with gender identity rights equally in educational institutions. There are reports where transgender people specifically thai ladyboys in LGBTQ communities have been harassed verbally, sexually, and physically just because of their unique gender identity.

Health care and medical assistance

Not all countries have taken the responsibility of looking after the mental health and physical health of gender minorities. A few states have passed bills to ensure that every gender identity has equal health and medical rights.

Workplace and public place

Just like in society’s education and health sectors, the transgender and LGBTQ+ community has also faced harassment physically, verbally, sexually, and are mentally disturbed. Also, it is reported that 90% of them are experiencing unemployment and discrimination.

In the workplace, the same harassment is seen in public places. Furthermore, it is reported that out of twelve transwomen, at least one of them is physically assaulted and attacked in a general area.
Causes of gender identity discrimination

As mentioned earlier, gender minorities are facing significant problems in health care, education, and employment. These issues have led them to a lack of money, and support and have caused poverty. Their rights have been snatched away unnecessarily in one or the other sectors of society. These are the primary reasons for them to gather together and start the gender identity movement.

According to people who participated in the movement, a sex-reassignment surgery was to be adopted only to satisfy people and be accepted by society. People who have been into surgery found traits such as acceptance of families and sexual satisfaction. Surgeons had their opinions on the one hand, and protestors had their thoughts and views differently on the other. However, it was all about asking for individual rights.

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