Human Rights For Every Human Incident

Human Rights

Every human being has the right to 0 things for himself, stand by himself, and speak for himself. When he is being treated with injustice. Raising your actions or violence for a good cause is needed for society, getting attention, and solving the case.

Police Brutality

Talking about recent times, police have taken complete advantage of ordinary citizens. It has become a severe threat to a society where police are not seen as the protection; instead, we feel unsafe to be with them or new them. We can see live examples every day, and it is essential in the human rights arena. The data indicates the downfall, and it’s still getting worse. The killing of police reports say that a website tracks The Police killings, and in 2018 there were more deaths than in the last five years over the period. As DOJ recently ended the program, it probably won’t get any better as the program had helped keep corrupt police departments in check. In 2012, Black Americans were more vulnerable as they made up 31%of police-killing victims while comprising only 13% of the US population.

Human Rights

Global mental health treatment

We just hear about mental stress and mental health only in the US, but it is a significant problem in the world. Over 800,000 people die by attempting suicide every year. It makes one person for every 40 seconds. There is not much done about these issues on one quality of life; there is a drastic effect on poor mental health. For mental health treatment, most governments have more minuscule budgets. According to the study of WHO, around 47 countries out of 191 do not have any kind of national legislation on mental health.

Us policy on Refugee

Since President Trump took office, there instituted severe limits increasingly, the actions on refugees and migrations reflected the US entering a dark time. He capped refugee admission to 45000 and just nine months after entering the office. The programs like Central Americans minors program, Guatemala, and Honduras join their parent solitary in the US are eliminated. The children are separated, and interning apart from their parents is the most significant problem in the story in the US. These are some of the important topics that the US Refugee policies could cover.

Transgender people and disability right in Europe

Transgender rights have been very challenging in the political Arena with legislation such as weakened legal protections against work discrimination and bathroom laws. New editor furcation There is a new identity for the transgender individuals in the countries like Switzerland and Belgium, obtaining legal requirements to undergo sterilization and surgery and new identification papers.

Disability rights are under attack even though there is somewhat ignored by the media. There are some deep cuts in various pieces of Legislature to Medicaid and removal of protection for disabled students and workers. Americans with disabilities are rising in protest to form the rights for these people.

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