Human Rights Purposes And Violations

Human right and Violations

Human rights are the freedom and necessities that belong to all people in the world from birth to death. The right is to share dignity, equality, independence, and respect With all people of different colors, creeds, sex, religion, nationality, and backgrounds. Ethics must be protected and define all the laws of various countries, so these are formed.

Some human rights are more visible than few as it is much easier for people to relate their rights, like a fair trial in court law and the right to vote. Some of the basic needs like Healthcare, food, clothes, and shelter are to be provided to every citizen of all the countries, and these rights strive to achieve.

Why are human rights necessary?

Human rights are essential as everyone needs these vital details to be followed. They are acquired so that everyone is treated equally and has a chance to stand up for themselves when they are in need. No one should be abused or discriminated against, and everyone should have the opportunity to develop their talents. Even after these documents or acts, many people don’t have fundamental rights and freedom.

Human right and Violations

The United States of America has the most influence on the world’s government And its people and is known as the most developed country on earth. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was released to provide guidelines for the future and of forcing the world to acknowledge the same during World War II. Some of the fundamental laws of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that must be practiced are that some rights must be given to people to have equality, individuality, human dignity, and protection.

● Worker’s right
● the right to democracy
● The right to have marriage and family
● The right to social security
● The right to claim your belongings
● freedom of thought
● freedom of expression.

What does violation of human rights exactly mean?

Every person is entitled to enjoy specific fundamental human rights. Human rights serve the purpose of providing tolerance, justice, human dignity, and mutual respect. Violating them could directly hurt the morality and justice offered to people. Also, breaking them means that an individual’s basic moral entitlement is being denied and disrespected.

Human right and Violations

What comes under violation of human rights?

Right to life and physical safety is the most important basic human rights. When there are crimes committed against humanity, human rights are violated. This includes slavery, torture, genocide, rape, forced sterilization, deliberate starvation, forced medical experimentation, etc.

Women and girls are often subjected to sexual assault, harassment, rape, sexual humiliation in society, violation of basic human rights. Women trafficking enforced prostitution, enforced child labor, child trafficking, political oppression, apartheid, sexual abuse, social oppression, massacres, tortures, and so on come under violation of basic human rights.

However, many other factors influence the violation of fundamental human rights socially, economically, and politically.

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